Have A Holly COVID Christmas

  • Thursday / December 10, 2020
Have A Holly COVID Christmas 1

Have A Holly COVID Christmas

Have A Holly COVID Christmas 01
Have a holly, COVID Christmas
It’s a crazy time this year
I don’t know if there’ll be snow
But stay the fuck home my dear
Have a holly, COVID Christmas
And if you walk down the street
Wear a goddamn mask & keep your distance—at least six feet …

Berl Ives Rollin' In His Grave

So here we are: post election, pre-holidays, and waiting for The Orange One (TOO) to get the fuck out of Dodge! On January 20th, 2021—which also happens to be my sixty-fourth birthday—the forty-sixth POTUS & VPOTUS, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will be sworn in! Now that’s the kind of present I wished for & thankfully will get. It’s been a long strange and deadly trip to get there. But we’re not there JUST yet!

I still can’t belive my mom & I have been locked up since March. No family on her 93rd birthday in October (though I bought her roses, & a cake & sang Happy Birthday to her), nor Thanksgiving ,and it seems we’ll also be having a COVID Christmas alone together. Just me, her, Rocky & Rose. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but for many folks in the U.S. they disregarded the warnings, gathered for Thanksgiving, causing more positive cases, deaths, & now we get a COVID Christmas. Merry fucking Christmas one & all!

The US recorded its highest level of deaths in a single day from the coronavirus pandemic yesterday, two weeks after Thanksgiving – when millions defied travel restrictions to spend time with family. According to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, 3,124 deaths were recorded, with a further 221,276 cases confirmed.

The Guardian: December 10, 2020

It will be a miracle if Joe Biden & Kamala Harris can turn this country around—on so many levels!

Have A Holly COVID Christmas 03It’s coming on Christmas
They’re cutting down trees
Amazon is raking in big money
Can I have my COVID vaccine please
Oh, I wish I had a river
I could skate away on …

Joni Mitchel - River (2020)

The Curvy Lady has sung, but The Orange One keeps saying he’s won. REALLY??? WTF!!! Lawsuits, denial, and reptilian leaders who are still kissing his ass. He won’t concede his loss, or let Biden/Harris start a proper transition—but they do what they can & show what true leadership is about. And to top it all off TOO’s praising the public for reaching almost three-hundred-thousand COVID deaths, to bolster his warped idea of herd immunity. This asshat-in-chief can’t leave soon enough!

… at present 90% of Republicans in Congress won’t admit that Joe Biden won the election, and the number of Republican voters who think Trump was wronged is still growing.

The Guardian: December 10, 2020

We live in interesting bizarre times! I’m thankful I’ve made it this far, dodging COVIDiots, 45 supporters, lies, malignantly toxic thinking, and the uncertainty all this chaos has unleashed on us all—and the toll it has taken on us physically & mentally. I know I end up writing these posts because I have to dump these thoughts somewhere—even if no one reads them. But if you do I wish you well, I wish you continued health, and a VERY different New Year.

January 20, 2021 can’t come fast enough!

Stay safe & be well.

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