joMusic: Romeo

  • Monday / July 4, 2011
joMusic: Romeo 1

joMusic: Romeo

joMusic: Romeo 2It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been preparing for the second coming. Jesus! No … not that one! The second coming of the Hoover Hootenanny. I’ve taken to recording new original music to help me learn lyrics. I figured I could record the songs, then put them on my iPhone & “sing along” in the car, the shower, while making breakfast … you get the idea.

I even bought myself a new/used Alessis MultiMix8 USB 2.0 / 8 channel mixing board. This way I could record up to 8 tacks at once directly into Apple’s Logic Pro. Not that I will be doing that myself, but it was the cheapest way to break the 2 track limit of my current & obsolete FireWire interface. Okay … TMI … I know! End result is I can finally use my AKG Perception 220 microphone I bought last year to mike vocals. Use my Shure to mike my Taylor, and also have  a line in from the Taylor as well. And then it’s one take wonders-ville. After 97 takes. It challenges me too. So it’s all good.

The first track I worked on was a song I wrote several years ago & reworked to play at the Hootenanny. Romeo is a character, that carries a lot of baggage. He’s a Brooklyn boy working through some “issues”. I like to subvert the meanings of things and bend them to my will … if you will. I’ll let the song do the talking …. Romeo!


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Joe Streno

artist . musician . photographer . retired apple computer consultant . residing on planet earth with his two cats rudie, & rocco & living to tell tales about it

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