The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australian Blu-ray

  • Monday / April 21, 2014
The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australian Blu-ray 1

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australian Blu-ray

I’ve been waiting for this moment—for nearly five years. Wasn’t sure it would ever happen—the Australian release of The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Blu-ray DVD! But it certainly did! Now some of you might wonder why I even cared about the Aussie release of this Danny Garcia documentary. I found out not too long ago, my photo of Joe Strummer backstage at Bonds is the front cover of the Australian release! Amazing! For some reason they chose a different cover from the US and European release. Go figure!

My good and generous friend Geoff Hoover, upon hearing of the Australian release, ordered two copies—one for me and one for himself. Knowing my financial situation was less than stellar, and my Joe photo was the cover, he wanted to make sure we both had our own copies. Thanks Geoff!

On Saturday April 19th, I got a text message Hoover Text - Click to see text. from my buddy Geoff. Without even eating breakfast I rushed over to get my copy. What an amazing feeling to see my Joe photo on the cover! I think Geoff was just as excited as I was to see it and to finally—after five years of waiting—to have copies in our hot little hands. Astounding! Thanks Geoff! Bye Geoff! And I went home to watch it!

Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australian Blu-ray Cover & Original PhotoI had already seen the film a few time when Danny Garcia was doing premiers in New York, and Philadelphia. But this time around I was more interested in documenting where all my photos were throughout the film. And so I did. I sat with pen and pad and recorded the exact time code each of my photos appeared throughout the film. Okay—a little anal retentive you say? Guilty as charged! But—I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. I wanted to get a hard count on the number of photos used. Danny did have a lot to choose from. The final count was thirty-four of my Clash photos were used in the film. Eight alone in the first minute-plus of the film—in the titles. Yes—I like statistics too—shoot me!

Credits: Photographs

If recording the time code wasn’t bad enough, I also did screen shots of the images in the film. I then composited three captures with the original photo for all thirty-four photos. The results are in a gallery below. And why not! I’m proud of this accomplishment & the photographs too.

Credits: Special Thanks
I hope you buy and enjoy the DVD of The Rise And Fall Of The Clash. Not that I’ll make any money from sales. It’s just cool to know my photos are out in the world now, other than on my blog. Also hope you enjoy seeing the gallery of composites too.

Any questions … leave a comment.


The Rise And Fall Of The Clash – DVD Composites


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