The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 – The Lost Photos

  • Thursday / June 2, 2011
Clash Asbury Park

The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 – The Lost PhotosThe

The Clash @ Asbury Park, NJ 1982 - The Lost PhotosThis past Memorial Day weekend marked the 29th anniversary of the Clash shows in Asbury Park, NJ, that started the U.S. tour for Combat Rock. I wrote about it in a previous post The Clash @ Asbury Park Convention Hall 1982.

Over the weekend a couple of friends of mine linked to that post from Facebook. I also commented about it in AP Boardwalk, and In! Asbury. Both Facebook groups about … Asbury Park, NJ. In a private note someone sent me. they relayed a story of how they too were there at one of the shows and the private party at the Casino. They also asked me if I had any other photos, because she was hoping tat she might be in the background of some of the party shots not currently on the aforementioned blog post. I said that was all I had. Which then made me think …. was it? I had to have taken several rolls. Even if I took only four 36 exposure rolls, that would have been 144 slides. Did I ditch all the “bad” shots or were there more someplace that I never scanned. A conundrum indeed!

Being bored today … I went good slide hunting. To my amazement, I found 12 more photos from that weekend in one of my archival storage library boxes. Damn!!!! And some of these shots are pretty good. Don’t know why I set them aside. Another conundrum.

So I will post the 12 shots here on this post, and also integrate them into the original post. There are a few live shots, but also some nice shots from the party too. Including a series of Terry Chimes AKA Tory Crimes, the then Clash drummer, having a conversation with a fan. And more …

Let me know what you think in the comments …


The Clash @ Asbury Park – Lost Photos


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