The Rise And Fall Of The Clash – Kindle Edition

  • Sunday / December 16, 2012
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The Rise And Fall Of The Clash – Kindle Edition

History at times can be a real motherfucker— whether you’re making it or breaking it. Case in point— The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Kindle Edition. Maybe for the first time in history, we have the release of an eBook before the consumer release of the actual film it was made to augment and inform. As The Rise And Fall Of The Clash is not your standard fare documentary (it tells the truth, the whole truth,and nothing but … the truth!) so follows the release of  The Rise and Fall of The ClashThe Rise And Fall Of The Clash - Kindle Edition 1 – Kindle Edition eBook.

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash – Kindle Edition combines Danny’s account of putting the film together. From conception, to getting the interviews and the process, good and bad, of getting the film finished. It also contains transcriptions of every interview in the film. Oh … dare I forget … six of my own unpublished Clash photos too.

Danny Garcia has been touring the US and Europe showing his film The Rise And Fall Of The Clash from California to New York, from Madrid to London and any place in-between that would let him show his intriguing documentary before its release. While waiting to get the finished film out on DVD and iTunes, Danny has released the Kindle Edition of the book in time for Christmas. An analog version (read U.S. paperback version) will be released sometime early 2013. I’m so glad he did an early release via Amazon as a Kindle Edition eBookThe Rise And Fall Of The Clash - Kindle Edition 1— with six of my Clash photos in the book, and I needed to see them! Pronto! One other surprise, the paperback edition is already released on Amazon U.K.

Since the release of the book,  The Rise And Fall Of The Clash blog has sprung up. It’s for both the film and the book. Right now, they are publishing excerpts or in British vernacular, ‘extracts’ from the book. They are posting photos from the book as well. And of course links to buy the eBook from Amazon.

I was also very surprised to see almost the entirety of a blurb I wrote explaining how I got to take these photos of the Clash, at three different shows, in the book. They have also published the blurb to the The Rise And Fall Of The Clash website in the Photography section.

Here is an excerpt from the book and the website:

Joe Streno recalls how, as a young photographer working on a shoe-string, he got his first break thanks to the Clash: ‘Back in the 70’s and 80’s you could take a real camera into any show. When I photographed the Clash I was a fan first, a photographer second…in the beginning I bought tickets to see the shows and brought my camera along…it was the D.I.Y. ethic the Clash espoused!’

For the 1979 Palladium NYC show I only had one 36 frame roll of colour film and one roll B&W – I was 22 years-old and broke. My friend Dorothy and I had pretty good orchestra seats and that’s where I shot the live shots that can be seen in the opening credits of Danny Garcia’s film. When the show was over we went round to the Stage door to wait for the band to come out. From the first face I saw, I started shooting, that was Topper, then Lee Dorsey, and then DJ Barry ‘Scratchy’ Myers. As Mick Jones came out he headed towards the bus parked at the end of the street. While he walked he talked to fans & signed autographs. I walked backwards taking photo after photo of Mick, Dorothy at my back making sure I didn’t trip or run into anyone. I fed off the energy and excitement of the fans and how Mick connected with them. Joe and Paul were just hanging out talking to people, and I got some shots of them. Joe always took time to talk and hang out with fans.

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As you will see the photos in the book are black and white versions of the original color images. And I must say … I love them this way! But hey … I’m biased. I’ve included them below side by side.

Hope you enjoy the book! Can’t wait for the paperback version & the film’s final release! Stay tuned!

Rise And Fall Of The Clash – Kindle Edition


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