The A’s And The Billies @ Gildersleeves – NYC – 1981

  • Thursday / December 5, 2013

The A’s And The Billies @ Gildersleeves – NYC – 1981

It’s funny. I was looking for a photo of A’s drummer Mikey Snyder for his birthday to post to Facebook. And as I was rummaging through images in Adobe Lightroom, I found this whole group of photos of the The A’s @ Gildersleeves – NYC – 1981. Wow! I remember the show well. There was a NY band called The Billies—that I also liked—and were opening for The A’s. What made the night even more memorable was, John Oates of Hall & Oates fame was there to play with The Billies.

As usual, the year is a total guess. I know I was still at CW Post when I shot the show. And my friend Carole Herscheit was also with me at the show. I remember that because there’s a backstage photo of Carole sitting next to Richard Bush. Again, photo proof … we were all there.

But aging brain cells, and poor record keeping on my part … and time and memory slips aways … again. No matter … some great photos for you all to see of the A’s and The Billies.

The other piece I can’t remember was … did the Billies open for the A’s or the A’s open for the Billies? I think it was The Billies opening for the A’s … but I could be wrong. Yeah … go figure!

As usual … if you know the date or you were at the show … leave a comment, please.


The A’s @ Gildersleeves – NYC – 1981
The A's @ Gildersleeves - NYC - 1981The Billies With John Oates @ Gildersleeves NYC

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