2021: Happy New Year Happy Blue Year!

  • Friday / January 1, 2021
2021: Happy New Year Happy Blue Year! 1

2021: Happy New Year Happy Blue Year!

What a hell of a year! Thank the universe it’s over! With any luck things will start looking up come January 20th of this very new year. Not that it’s just my sixty-fourth birthday—we also get a new POTUS & VPOTUS! Praise the ballot box! All we have to sweat is the final days of the Lunatic In Chief throwing us all under the bus by doing something even more stupid than failing to responsibly lead this country for the past four years.

It’s more than miraculous if we’re still standing and breathing in mask-filtered air.

The one thing I do know: all the hoping, wishing, praying in the world will not change or save our lives. Only more vigilance, determination, compassion, science, & truth will help us help ourselves. Yes—even with the vaccine on the horizon—we still need to wear masks, social distance, and do all those things that help defeat COVID 19. Yes we will finally have POTUS & VPOTUS who will start a process on day one to do what The Gang Of 45 could not—speak the truth and have a plan that will help us get through this.

I don’t think that Joe Biden, nor Kamala Harris have all the answers. But I do believe they will be more open to hearing what “we the people” have to say. And if they don’t—I’m sure there will be more protests to help them see the error of their ways.

I’m not a pundit. I’m not a political science wonk. I’m just a disgusted American looking for change from what has become status quo: sloth, privilege, apathy, racism, and hatred of an alternate idea or voice. To quote author & activist, Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?” As cliche as it sounds, we ARE all in this together. We may be headed for even more severe measures to quell COVID. Who knows? Normalcy (whatever that is or becomes) is still a year or more off—especially if everyone doesn’t follow CDC & government guidelines to get this thing in check—once & for all.

Now it’s time for me to step off my soapbox & wish all my friends & family a healthy, happy, prosperous, & COVID-free New Year!

I also want to give a shout out to ultra-talented photographer & friend, Andrea Laign, for sending me her new “Greetings From Asbury Park 2021” calendar. All her photos are spectacular and a joy to behold. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms Andria! You Rock …. and so do your photos!

2021: Happy New Year Happy Blue Year!

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