COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day

  • Saturday / August 22, 2020
COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day 1

COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day

Just when you thought it was “safe” to go back in the water …

safe (adjective)
1 : free from harm or risk UNHURT
2 a: secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss
b: successful at getting to a base in baseball without being put out
3 : affording safety or security from danger, risk, or difficulty
4 : obsolete, of mental or moral facultiesHEALTHY, SOUND
5 a: not threatening danger : HARMLESS
b: unlikely to produce controversy or contradiction
6 a: not likely to take risks : CAUTIOUS
Safety First

COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day 2Safe. Is that a word we will ever relate to or—FEEL—again? Will we ever—BE—safe? Are we, or will we all suffer from PTTD (Post Traumatic tRump Disorder) after the willful & woeful transgressions  by “The Orange Douchebag, A.K.A. 45? The only way we can ever feel safe is for him to be voted out of office on November 3, 2020!

Free from harm or risk—we are far from it! With 175,000+ dead from COVID 19 there is still no plan, no vaccine, nor end in sight. The only thing the orange one cares about is himself and getting reelected BY ANY MEAN NECESSARY!

COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day 01

Who am I to say …

Honestly … who am I to say? Who am I to judge?

I am one of millions currently locked down in the United States Of America, because I know this is our only chance of beating this virus. I am one of millions who don’t feel my rights are being violated by wearing a fucking mask over both my nose and my mouth EVERYWHERE I go in public. I do it because it’s the right thing to do to keep my fellow citizens SAFE—or at least as safe as can be expected with what we know. I am one of the millions who know that if WE ALL practiced social distancing, wearing appropriate face coverings, washing our hands, and staying the fuck home unless I absolutely need to leave the safety of my own home … this thing would be and could be contained in a matter of weeks—not dragged out like it has because of those who’s privilege far exceeds their grasp of common decency and commitment and protection to others. Why is this all so difficult?

COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day 02

Thinning The Heard

As cynical and heartless as it may sound, there is an upside to those people who feel their rights are violated by mask wearing, social distancing, and isolation: when those misguided souls expire from the effects of contracting the virus there’s one less COVIDiot to hear whine, or vote for 45 come November! Yup, there’s a silver lining in such a dark cloud. It’s also a way to counter the “Reptile’s” neglect of pushing for mandatory mask wearing, distancing, and helping 45 win by any means necessary—they themselves might die before they can run again or be reelected—BONUS POINTS.

Sadly—they may expose those of us who follow the rules and take us down with them.

86 45

COVID 19: FU45 & Other Thoughts Of The Day 03The moral of this story is we need to eighty-six fourty-five come November. Though I was a Bernie Sanders supporter I will vote the Democratic ticket come November. Not because Bernie said to, but becuase it’s the ONLY way to 86 45. So yes I WILL vote for Biden/Harris & the straight Democratic ticket come November. No big secret—we need this. We need to also have a majority in both the House & the Senate. It’s the only moral  and sane way to remove the current fascist regime A.K.A.—The Gang Of 45—vote the entire Democratic ticket. It’s a no brainer!

I will do all I can do to make this a reality. If I can’t mail in my ballot because 45 is dismantling the USPS, I will hand deliver my ballot to my polling place or my local election office. If you do choose to mail in your ballot, make sure there is enough postage if need be, and vote & mail your ballot EARLY so your ballot will be delivered on time—then check online if your ballot was received and counted (some states like NJ have this ability—check your own state’s website).

It’s time to 86 45 & say FU45 too!

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