COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update

  • Tuesday / April 21, 2020
COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 1

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 01We’re almost six weeks into this COVID 19 isolation, self-imprisonment, distancing, horror-show. My only bit of freedom is to go grocery shopping. But with that comes the stress and ultimate “resetting of the COVID Clock”. If it can take up to two weeks to show any symptoms, then every time I’m in public my COVID Clock needs resetting to zero. It’s my own concept. It’s my own fear. But isn’t this what’s happening to us all? We’re becoming germaphobes—yes I know it’s a virus—for lack of a better word. Viruphobes? Virucondriacs? I never gave a rats ass about germs! I was so anti sani-wipes & hand sanitizer. I use to cringe & bristle at the sight of someone using those products. My thought: they only created super-germs that could no longer be vanquished by those chemical swords.

But here we are in the beginnings of this COVID 19 pandemic—and yes I say beginnings—because The Gang Of 45 have been lying since they first knew of the virus & they have no idea how to deal with it. The Narcissist In Chief (A.K.A The Orange Douchebag) has no empathy, no sympathy, no compassion, and still NO CLUE, how to run a country—never mind give aid and comfort to those in need. Hence my continued fear & loathing in New Jersey as the body count gets higher than the rhetoric.COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 06

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 02The Orange One once said he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue and get away with it. Well he has! Horrifically—he’s killed more than one! Just look at the refrigerated tractor trailer outside of Mount Saini Hospital. They are popping up everywhere across the country to deal with the overflow from the tRump caused nationwide genocide. And that’s not hyperbole. The White House knew as far back as December of 2019 & did nothing. Lying at every step of the way. Minimizing the threat until he could no longer. Endangering & causing the infection & death of hundreds of thousands of people. As of today 800,932 confirmed cases & 43,006 deaths on his hands—and that’s probably undercounted because we still don’t have enough tests to go around. And we’re just getting started.

The only light at the end of the tunnel (that is NOT an oncoming train) is being able to vote come November. I’ve already filed for a NJ mail-in-ballot with the Ocean County Clerk’s office. So there is that.

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 03

Short of the entire Gang Of 45 contracting the virus & expiring—voting seems my only hope to reaching some level of normalcy again. But hey … 45 … keep telling this Nazis and Proud Boys to congregate! Certainly one way to thin the herd! But I digress. If you do download the PDF of the form, be sure to print it on heavy stock paper. You also need to print on both sides of the single sheet, because you need to complete the form, fold it, stamp it, and mail it. Sadly, my paper version was destroyed by the time it got to the Ocean County Clerk’s office. Luckily my address was still visible & they sent me another form to complete, along with the destroyed copy for me to see, as well as an apologetic letter. I give them many props for that!

On the postive(?) side I broke out my sewing machine to make masks for myself. I hadn’t used it since I use to make windsocks, and other paraphernalia to fly off my 12 & 14 ft kites back in the 90s, and other curtains and such for my Seattle condo in the 2000s. My Friend Andrea Laign also asked me to make her two masks & I did. And a few weeks ago while on a Costco & Wegmans shopping trip up in Ocean Township, “COVID Claus” delivered said masks to her front door in Asbury Park—’cause she’s always a good grrrrrl & a very helpful elf in her community. And funny enough, I ran into her at the Deans Market later that day! Though she didn’t recognize me at first—I had my mask on.

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 05

Front & Back

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 06


COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 07


COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 07

2 Gift Masks

COVID 19: Fear And Loathing In New Jersey Update 08I used 2 old Old Navy t-shirts I had, and ancient Eddie Bauer flannel, and made the inside/middle/filter layer from a thick flannel IKEA blanket. These suckers are heavy duty & thick! I still use them with reverence & caution—it’s still life & death out there. At least for an immunocompromised 62 year old man & his 92 year old mom.  But at least I’m somewhat protected—along with my yellow rubber gloves—all is groovy!

I found the directions to make the masks  here. Was a pretty simple video, and explained things very well.

I admit I was a bit rusty on my first one. But by the second & third I was an old pro.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take! I’ve binged through 12 seasons of NYPD Blue—again! I’ve started watching Third Watch seasons 1 & 2, started The Wire—again. I’m going out of my mind. That’s part of the reason for this post—I needed a brain dump.

Maybe I should take my friend Ryan’s suggestion a create a time during the day, cue up some music & dance like no-one is watching. Yeah … that’s so me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Um … I have done stranger things! So who knows!

I hope all of my friends and family are being safe & staying well out there in Lockdown Land! Love on you all! ❤️❤️❤️

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