joMusic: jojoTronic And The Sample Mafia

  • Saturday / May 28, 2011
jojoTronic And The Sample Mafia

joMusic: jojoTronic And The Sample Mafia

joMusic: jojoTronic And The Sample MafiaSometimes creative play is the result of having a new toy, or a new tool. In this case it was a new tool. Flash back several years ago. Apple has released the first version of iLife. That suite of apps included a game changer by the name of Garage Band. Before that time a “Garage Band” was a group of “yoots” flailing on guitars and making analog noise in the garage. Apple just made the Garage … digital.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that there had been plenty of MIDI/digital sequencers and other such music creation programs out there. Apple was the first to make it Apple easy. And no … this is not another Apple plug. Though I do do it all the time … it’s my job. I just wanted to share some music I made with Garage Band (and later Logic Pro) and let it speak for itself.

Now those of you who know me, may not know this musical side of me. This music uses the instrument du jour … the digital sample. It’s instrumental. Which is a first for me. It’s funky! Oh … and the kids can dance to it!

These three songs were written, or more accurately, “constructed” over several weeks and months. Using free samples I culled from the Interwebs and the ones packaged with Garage Band. All the songs were organic in that, a certain beat, or synth sample would trigger an idea, and layer upon layer, the song was born.

It all reminded me of my music studio in Asbury, with all my synths, samplers and recording gear, and how I sometimes constructed music using those instruments du jour. It just amazes me that I can get the same thrill of creation from an app and some samples. It was an incredibly fun exercise and process.

DISCLAIMER: No electric guitars, keyboards or musicians were harmed in the experimental process.



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