John Eddie @ Emerald City 05.29.1981

  • Friday / December 5, 2008
John Eddie @ Emerald City 05.29.1981

John Eddie @ Emerald City 05.29.1981

Let me tell you about a place, somewhere up NJ way … Cherry Hill to be exact. The home of the legendary Emerald City. I had been there quite a few times to see shows, with and without my then girlfriend Dorothy. This particular evening my friend Geoff Hoover and I were there to see John Eddie & The Front Street Runners. They were opening for Gary US Bonds.

Gary was having a comeback of sorts. He had a new album out that Bruce Springsteen had written three songs for, played and sung on, Miami Steve Van Zant, played, sung, and wrote “Daddy’s Come Home” for this LP, and the Asbury Jukes horn section got in on the action too. It was truly the “Asbury Park Mafia” helping out one of their heroes.

I knew John Eddie and met him through Dorothy. I had been to other shows, I had even worked on his road crew for “a week once … but luckily I got the boot”. Well not so much the boot … as I had school to contend with back in Long Island. But that night I was there to have fun, take photos, and also see Gary US Bonds. I always thought it was great that John & the Runners got to open for Gary.

As always … John and the boys played hard and gave a lot to the audience. Back then they had such a big following all over New Jersey. And with a contract with Columbia records, they were being heard nationally.

The funny thing was, the next afternoon I saw the Clash at Bonds. Now I didn’t put the two together until I started searching for the date of this John Eddie gig. Some guy listed every single concert he went to, even in clubs! Now that’s a memory, or he saved every ticket stub he ever bought. That’s how I found out the date to this gig. Add to that, that the last roll I was shooting backstage at Emerald City also contained the outside shots of the Slits and Mick Jones at Bonds …. the next day. Amazing! I’m telling you … it was all one big blur. Thank god for other people’s memories! ;)

Hoover and I had a blast. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos.

If anyone remembers the guitar player Bobby Joe’s (?) last name, or the bass player Kim’s last name … leave it in the comments.

Photos: John Eddie & Gary US Bonds
John Eddie @ Emerald City 05.29.1981Gary US Bonds Emerald City 05.29.1981

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