Junior Smoots Music

  • Sunday / May 25, 2008
Junior Smoots Music 1

Junior Smoots Music

Junior Smoots MusicDrummer man Kenny Douyotas sent me a present today … it was a “Six Million Dollar Man.” Well … at least the Junior Smoots band studio recording of it. It was appropriate for this Memorial Day. We can all listen and remember. Remember all those summer nights we saw the Junior Smoots band and had fun fun fun fun fun! Yah man! Skankin’ and rankin’ until the wee wee hours.

When Kenny first eMailed the first two tracks, I was having serious flashbacks to the Harbor Inn, Mrs. Jays, The Fast Lane, and all the other places I ever saw Gary and the Junior Smoots band. I remember dancing my ass off to these and so many other Smoots covers and originals. Thanks Gary for all of that … and thanks Kenny for contacting me and providing us all with these nuggets.

I remember going to at least one of these recording sessions. Of course I had camera in hand, taking photos. When I locate the slides or negatives I will post them as well. I was and will forever be a “documenter.”

I hope you enjoy the only 24-track studio recordings Gary and Junior Smoots band ever made. If you have memories of seeing Junior Smoots and the Disturbers, please leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of us who knew and loved Gary Crosslin, Judy Joots, Kenny Douyotas, Keven “Emergency” Ward, Paul Roberts, Tracy Lawrence, Vito Roast a.k.a. Junior Smoots and the Disturbers and the music they made.


You can listen to Armand Pascal Lido’s version of Dogbo Zo N’Wene here.

Click here to download a Zip file with these three Smoots songs in MP3.


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