The A’s @ Emerald City 1980

  • Thursday / June 12, 2008
The A's Emerald City 1980

The A’s @ Emerald City 1980

In my many incarnations as photographer, documenter, and fan boy, I attended quite a few shows of the local Philidelphia band … The A’s. Don’t know if I would have ever discovered them on my own, but I can thank friend and X-gFriend Dorothy for that introduction.

The toughest part about all this is trying to recollect times, places, and faces from back then. I certainly remeber Richard Bush (vocals), his songwriting partner Rocco Notte (keyboards), Rick DiFonzo (guitar), Terry Bortman (bass) and Mike Snyder (drums) … but the dates of some of these gigs are a little fuzzy. I know the year … I documented that on my negative sleeves along with the venue. Other than that … if you remember anything about the gigs … leave it in the comments.

The A's 1st Album
In 1980 I was still going to CW Post Center in Long Island. I was working on my BA in communications and film. This may have been between semesters … but who knows. Not important.

What I do remember is the gig was radio broadcast. (WMMR?) Again … if you know more about this gig, or were there … leave a comment.

Enjoy. There will be more A’s photos coming in the near(?) future. :)

The A’s @ Emerald City 1980


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