More Junior Smoots Photos

  • Saturday / July 19, 2008
More Junior Smoots Photos

More Junior Smoots Photos

More Junior Smoots PhotosIt’s funny … I was searching my negative files for photos of my band, The Human Element. I’m working on a huge post about T.H.E. But while I was searching for group promo photos that my friend and artist Dorian LaPadura took, I stumbled upon black & white promo photos I took of the Junior Smoots band at the old Wall Township, NJ house. They even include new trombone player Tommy Meares.

To my amazement, I also found the few photos I took of the Smootsters, well at least Gary, Judy, Kenny (see Kenny I DID take photos of the drummer!) and the engineer/producer, who’s name escapes me right now, at the NYC recording studio where they recorded these three songs. I also don’t remember the studio name either. I’m sure someone out there will remeber those details. And I’m almost positive there might be more studio photos … but then again that could be my mind playing tricks again.

Update 07/19/2008 5:59 PM: Vito Roast eMailed me and said …

“… the engineer was Julian McBrowne and was at The Daily Planet NYC. I think Julian was either in Kid Creole and the Coconuts or engineer-not sure.”

Yes … Julian McBrowne did work with Kid Creole and the Coconuts. He did some 12″ remixes, and was engineer on different projects. As a matter of fact I also have photos of Kid Creo from back in the 80’s. Damn … who DON’T I have picture of! ; )

So here are more photos of Jr Smoots and company. Hope you enjoy them.

Update 11/13/2008 10:48 PM: Found more studio pictures!!!

It’s funny. Tommy Meares’ sister Jennie contacted me today via a comment below. Between the time I added a new reply comment (also below) and now I added more studio photos to this post. I never know if this is blogging sacrilege to alter a post … but you know what I say. Fuck it! >;)

It was wild. In my heart of hearts I knew there were more than the handful I originally posted. I was digging through my closet, and found some old print & negative packages. There were old Mink Deville prints from the Fast Lane, and prints of John Eddie & The Front Street Runners … also at the Fast Lane … and low and behold … here was a pack of black and white prints of the Smoots band and the missing negatives. I was thrilled to death!

The extra images include trombone player Tommy Meares, images of Vito Roast, and images of Gary’s long time friend Rickey Figueroa. So it’s a much better representation of that day in the The Daily Planet NYC.

One more time … with feeling! Photos of Jr Smoots and the Disturbers …

Junior Smoots & The Disturbers
Jr Smoots : Promo PhotosJr Smoots : In Studio

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