The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release

  • Friday / February 14, 2014
The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release 1

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The moment I’ve waited for is here! The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release … finally!

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release will happen in March! It will be available in the US and Canada on the release date of 04/29/2014! Fantastic! The US/Canadian version can be preordered at the Shout Factory website for the miracle price of $13.98 USD.

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash will also be released in the EU, UK, Australia too. The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD can be preordered at the Rough Trade website for £14.99.

If you’ve been here before, you know I have many of my Clash photos in this Danny Garcia documentary. Danny first contacted me via eMail about using my photos in the film on 3/7/2009. Can you imagine? He searched the interwebs, found my Clash photos at my blog, emailed me … and the rest is five year old history!


I was fortunate to meet up with Danny—face to face—at the NYC premier of The Rise And Fall Of The Clash at the CBGB Film Festival. It was great to finally meet him and see how he used my photos in the film. To my surprise I didn’t have to wait long! Several of my Clash photos were “set ablaze” in the opening credits, as you can see in the photos above.


It was an exciting night! It was even more exciting because Pearl Harbour was also at the show. The last time I saw Pearl was at the closing private party during the 1982 Clash invasion of Asbury Park, NJ, which was the three opening shows of the US tour behind Combat Rock. She and Paul Simonon were nice enough to pose for me for a shot.

I’m a happy man! I’ll be happier when I get a copy of the DVD in my hands. It will be nice to see the film in the comfort of my home. It will also be nice to figure out exactly where my photos were used throughout the film.

Many thanks to Danny Garcia, David Mingay, Pearl Harbour, Robin Banks, Tymon Dogg, Susan de Muth & the countless others who helped make the film what it is & get it out there for all to see.

And if you like the film … you might also like the book. Danny Garcia published a paperback book which details how the film was made. He also transcribed all the interviews in the film. And of course … more of my Clash photos are printed in black & white in the book. A fantastic little tome to help illustrate the making of the film. You can order the book direct from Thin Man Press or a Kindle version from Amazon.

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