Gym Life – Week 6

  • Wednesday / September 9, 2009
Gym Life - Week 6

Gym Life – Week 6

Gym Life - Week 6I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I started working out again. Week 6! In that six weeks I’ve dropped fifteen pounds. Yes FIFTEEN POUNDS! I have been workin’ my butt of figuratively and literally. And it feels good!

If I were a goal oriented kind of guy … I’d like to be 198 by my 53rd birthday. That might be unrealistic … but hey I sure can try! BTW … for those of you interested and wanting to lavish gifts upon me the date you need to mark in your calendar is January 20, 2010.

All this past summer I was feeling very self-conscious and very ashamed of how “large” I was. None of my previous bathing suits fit me & Chris went out and bought me a single pair of trunks XXL. Fuck! Whether it was the chemotherapy drug (Methotrexate) and the steroid Prednisone I was on last year, fucking up my metabolism & me just feeling like crap for so long … who knows! The end result was being 280 lbs … and not liking it one bit.

All this tells me I’m getting better. My body and my metabolism is “normalizing”. As normal I might be. But as far as my Sarcoid … it’s still here … as I’m reminded by my hand pain from the cystic lesions in the bones of my hands. But even this is tolerable. The things we do to make progress!

My “fat pants” are feeling a bit looser now. I have one more notch on my current belts before I either have to dig up my belts that I had packed away waiting for this day …. or just buy some new ones. But with economics as they are … find the old ones sound more economically prudent at this juncture. ; )

So that’s where things are at week six … of Joe @ The Gym. Now if I could only find more work … I’d be an even happier man!

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