iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or Photos

  • Monday / August 24, 2009
iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or Photos

iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or Photos

iCanHaz Battle Cat Action And Or PhotosManx cats by nature are a playful lot. Rocky and Rose are no exception. This brother and sister tag team spend some part of every day, chasing each other all over the house. Then when it’s time to “play who’s dominant now” … it’s a trade. Sometimes Rocky … the big orange boy cat. Or Most times his little sister Rose. I never saw a cat that small be the alpha cat in a household. And poor Angel, the oldest cat out of them all … is certainly at the bottom of the pecking order. It’s really sad when both Rocky and Rose gang up on the old girl.

But don’t fret yet. Angel can get her licks in too, and also be the instigator of calamity and much mayhem. She and the Rock boy are best buds. They are forever playing with each other. Especially in the mornings. But Angel tends to steer clear of alpha Rose. Except when it comes time to nap. Then you might find both girls cuddled up in a ball together. It’s the cutest thing in the world … but when you see the two interact … it’s a head scratcher.

Being the proud papa that I am … I’m always takin’ picture of these guys. Especially out on our balcony, on a nice summer day. Plus I needed more content for my annual Christmas cat calendar. No. I will never dress my cats up. I have too much respect for them. No little Santa suits. No Antlers. Just the kitties at heir best. I’ve done three of these calendars so far. One for every year we’ve had Rocky & Ro!!

This post was no more than a vehicle for me to post more photos of “our kids”. BTW … all my photos are ©Joe Streno 2009. Look at them all you want. Please don’t steal them. Without further fanfare … the kids.

Battle Cats
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