Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet

  • Thursday / October 8, 2009
Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet

Gym Life – Week 10 + Workout Sheet

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout SheetNot a lot to report in week 10. I’m still at 260 lbs and holding. Though I had to go from my (dare I say it) size 42 jeans to my size 40 jeans which I had stored away for this occasion. Two inches is just the start … I hope. My 42 jeans were getting way too loose. So I climbed up into the attic and brought the 40’s down. In there was a pair or 36″ jeans … oh someday soon(?). Actually that might be a ways off. It took me a while to put the weight on. It will take a while to get rid of it too.

Still on the Men’s Health TNT plan. Never thought I’d eat steak, pork, or chopped meat ever again. But here I am, a week and a half into this thing, and I’ve found my inner carnivore. I forgot how much I LIKED steak! Yum! I’ve been cooking pretty much every night. Unless I’ve cooked enough pork chops or chicken for two nights. Protein. Protein. Protein. And so it goes.

The main reason for this writing was to post my gym workout sheet for people to download. My version was made in FileMaker Pro. But the version you can now download is my gym workout sheet in editable PDF format. It’s pretty simple to use.

Just open in Adobe Reader or any reader that will let you edit the fields in the PDF.

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet
The first editable field is where you can enter the workout. This particular sheet was my Arms/Bis & Tris workout.

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet 02
The next 19 editable fields are for each exercise for that workout sheet. You can fit 2 rows of text in each field.

That’s it for the editable fields. You don’t need any others. The remaining fields you will fill out on each day of that workout day.

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet 03
This field is for information about seat height, or any setting on a machine you might be using. In my example the seat hight on the curl bench I’n using is “4”. This way I don’t have to remember all these settings.

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet 04
The header at the top of the column is for the date of the workout.

Gym Life - Week 10 + Workout Sheet05
In these divided boxes is where I record the weights I’m using (top) and the reps in each set (bottom).

On my workout sheets I use a white “letter sized” 8.5″ x 11″ heavy 110 lb card stock. It’s way more durable than straight up paper. I also print on both sides of the workout sheet. I put more exercises that I know I’m going to do, so I can mix up my workouts and challenge my body more. I pick 3-5 exercises to do and the ones I don’t do, I just put a big zero in. On my chest, back, abs, day most of the front of my workout sheet is filled with mostly chest exercises. On the back of the workout sheet I print out all my back and ab exercises. This way I save paper and all my workouts for that day are on one sheet. I also save two rows at the bottom of the second side and label them for cardio. I tend to break my cardio up. Half before my workout and half after.

Now in my gym bag I have a red plastic file folder with my three workout sheets. This way they don’t get wet. I also have two pens for filling them out. I also fold the sheets in half when I’m going to work out that day. Then unfold them to put them back in my file folder. I do this just so they are more compact to carry around the gym, and also because a pen clasp holds better to two sheets of card stock than one. So now it’s easier for me to clip my pen to my sheet while I’m working out.

So that’s my workout sheet. Feel free to download it and tell your friends.

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