Contents Under Pressure

  • Monday / October 10, 2011

Contents Under Pressure

The Asbury Park Move

The attic is (nearly) empty, and it’s all in the bedroom. Thanks to Chris for the help. Lot of trips to Good Will tomorrow. Some stuff up on Craig’s List … and a lot of other stuff to the dump.

I’m still on the fence about what to do with all my Alfred ceramic/sculpture. It may be time for a hammer critique and the dumpster. I have all of my studio equipment to get rid of too … plastic bats, large banding wheels, scale, molds, etc etc. (I see Alex shaking his head … been there done that!) God I even have freakin’ test tiles that I boxed up! WTF was I thinking’!

Either way … back to Jersey or an apartment here. I have no place to store it any longer. So it’s got to go! And I have until Friday to get rid of it. When I fly back to Seattle, the week of the 23rd I will be tying up loose ends and or looking for an apartment in Seattle if Jersey doesn’t pan out. We MUST be out by the 31st closing.

Oh what a world …. oh what a world!

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Joe Streno

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