The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me …

  • Saturday / August 6, 2011
The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me ... 1

The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me …

August 6, 2011, 10:21 PM
The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me …
The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me

Geoff On The Asbury Beach

The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me today!

I drove up to Asbury again to go to the beach with Geoff & Tatiana. It was a glorious beach day. And I wanted to get one more beach day in before going back to Seattle.

After working on my burn a little, Geoff and I decided to go swimming. I stood in the water just below my knees. As I was about to jump into an oncoming wave, the wave broke in front of me. I was milliseconds away from diving in. When the cold backwash washed over the back of my right calf. It felt like my calf was smashed with a large wet chunk of 2×4. Literally. I thought I was hit by some VERY LARGE piece of driftwood.

The Atlantic Ocean had its way with me 02

I now know it was the worst cramp I’ve ever experienced! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geoff had to help me back to our beach chairs. I tried to massage & stretch it …but that wasn’t doing a whole lot of good.

Eventually Geoff helped me walk to the boardwalk. I figured I’d try to walk it out. Though I walked/limped from First Ave to Convention Hall and back again. I stopped several times, sat, stretching against the metal railing. Stood and stretched and finally limped back to First St on the boardwalk.

I was still in so much pain, I couldn’t walk on the unstable sand to tell Geoff & family I was going to leave and go back to my Mom’s in Lanoka Harbor. So I texted him & went on my way.

I’ve spent the last few hours with a heating pad on and off trying to loosen things up. But that’ not working so well. Nice vacation! =: o Hopefully thing will loosen up before I go back to Seattle. Good thing I was able to bump my economy class ticket up to First Class again. I know the red wine will be flowing in First class. By the time I get back to Seattle I won’t care about much of anything … and feeling no pain. I’m all for that!

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