Hello Rock & Ro!!

  • Monday / May 14, 2007
Hello Rock & Ro!!

Hello Rock & Ro!!

One day we say “good-bye” and the next we say “hello!” And so it goes. Today is another anniversary. It’s the one year anniversary we brought home two new additions to our household.

During the time we were preparing ourselves for Mr Mason to head off to ‘the big bunny hop in the sky,’ Chris & I also talked about the possibility of getting another cat. Not that we could ever replace the ‘furry potato’ … but we knew we wanted the joy of raising a new ‘kid.’ We had also talked about how we’d know when it was ‘the right time.’ Or how much time was ‘appropriate’ before getting another cat. I said when the opportunity presented itself … we’d know.

On the very night we put Mr Mason down, Chris was ‘researching’ on and found a brother and sister duo named ‘Will & Grace.’ They fit all of our prerequisites, they had to be Manx, because of how loving a breed they are, and there had to be a male in the group. Originally we thought we’d only get one cat. But I also thought that my cat Angel was also getting older & if she ‘went’ it would be nice for the second cat to still have a companion. It’s funny … we both decided it would be nice to get two cats. But had thought the thought separately. When we saw the Will & Grace … we both looked at each other and said … “you know … I was thinking about getting two.” Right then we knew we had to go look at them.

On Sunday afternoon we drove to this women’s home. She was an animal ‘foster parent’ and shelter. Will & Grace were locked in the bathroom & climbing on the sink counter. Chris picked up little Will & the boy started climbing up Chris. He said … “this guy is a little rock climber … let’s call him Rocky.” Little Grace … was this little ball of fuzz. Needless to say … we were smitten with the kittens. They came home with us that night.

With Will now Rocky … he & Grace found a new home in our second bathroom. They stayed there for a few weeks until they were big enough not to get lost in our apartment. But we also had to introduce them very gradually to their new sister Angel.

I was thinking of my Grandmother Rose one day … and I thought that it would be great to name little Grace after her. And so it was that Will & Grace became Rocky & Rose … yes … Rock & Ro!! .. baby!

It’s been a year to the day that these little fur balls entered our lives. They really did help pick up our spirits after Mason died. And they were the perfect transition from mourning to joy. The three cats get along so well together now. It’s an amazing sight to behold. When all three cats are nestled with us on the couch watching TV at night … we count or blessings .. one … two … three …. Angel, Rocky & Rose.

Welcome to the cat house!

Rock & Ro!! From 6 Weeks to 8 Months
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