I’m Fixing A Hole …

  • Tuesday / May 22, 2007
I'm Fixing A Hole ... 1

I’m Fixing A Hole …

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in … and kept my mind from withering … from watching bad Monday night TV.

The rain was mighty. Seemingly much more mighty than the roof over our collective heads. There was a river torrent flowing down ‘Parking Lot Mountain’ into the storm drain. It was ‘east coast rain’ not the sort we are accustomed to in the Pacific Northwest. It was beyond a misting, beyond a drizzle. No. It was downright teeming.

Chris noticed the dripping on the window. I went over to look at the intruding liquid, and sure enough, rain water was leaking in. Now the oddity here was the outside of the window was dry as a bone. It certainly was odd, seeing how the window is six feet back from the edge of the balcony & protected by the overhanging roof. The roof extends to the edge of the balcony. So nothing on the balcony gets wet from rain … not even plants on the balcony!

But there it was, our own little ‘inland’ rivulet coming from above the top window casing, going through the window gasket, and dripping down the window in several place along the top of the window. How odd. How sad. How soon will we get this fixed?

Called the condo management company EMB as it was happening. I also took pictures for posterity, and if there might be an ‘issue’ with who’s problem it may be. But it is leaking from the roof … so hopefully the association is paying to have it fixed.

But this leads back to the other issue … we need new windows. Harumph!

And now I wait for the roofer to call. Hope he’s better than the plumber they hired to fix the outside faucets. We shall see.

So you say you want to own a home … oh?

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