My New Jersey Vacation – The Preamble

  • Friday / August 20, 2010
My New Jersey Vacation - The Preamble 1

My New Jersey Vacation – The Preamble

My New Jersey Vacation - The PreambleGood-bye Lake Union. Good-bye Puget Sound. Good-bye Seattle. Hello New Jersey?

New Jersey. Home of my youth and soon to be … my Jersey vacation destination. I was off to see my friends Geoff Hoover & Dorothy Orant Morrison, and attend The Hoover Hootenanny. I would be staying with Geoff, his wife Tatiana and his three grown children, Indiana, Duke, and Texas in their home in Asbury Park. I hadn’t seen Geoff since somewhere mid 1980-ish. Our collective aging brain cells could not determine the exact time nor date, but that’s par for the course. Now in our 50’s … that’s to be expected????? OMFG!!!!

I spent August 11th through August 15th with the Hoovers in Asbury Park, NJ. On the 16th my niece Tracy would picked me up and transport me to my Mom’s home in Lanoka Harbor.

There were many more plans in the itinerary, but they were laid to rest by a cold and the upper respiratory distress caused by said cold. Fucking flying tube of germs!

Luckily I was able to make it through my stay with Geoff and family and the Hoover Hootenanny with flying colors … and the rumblings of a soar throat. The preamble to my cold. But an amazing time was had by all! Even me! Joe = Fun …. who would have thunk! ;)

And here I am now at my Mom’s recuperating and writing. Not much else to do in Lanoka Harbor … readying myself to get back on that “tube of germs” to fly back to Seattle on the 25th.

Being this is a preamble … I won’t ramble much more. Other than to say to the Hoover family et. al. :

Thank you so much for extending your warmth and hospitality. Your generosity of spirit and friendship is something I have missed for far too long. Thank you to Indy for the man, and musician you have become, and for coming to the aid of a fumbling old man in a time of need & Tommy Meares for the moral & musical support. Thanks also to Duke & Texas for just being who they are. Talented musicians the lot! Thanks too for inviting me to the beach on Saturday … I certainly needed that! :) Last but not least … thanks to Dorothy for spending 5 hours on the bus from Camden to reunite the Three Musketeers! It was great seeing you all & being together forming new memories. You all ROCK!

I will be posting WAY more about the Hootenanny, photos, video, etc. So stay tuned.

Seatte WA To Asbury Park NJ
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