Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE)

  • Saturday / March 12, 2011
Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE) 1

Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE)

This was a note I posted to Facebook to inform my friends and family about my TGA episode.
I later wrote a blog post about this:
Danger! Exploding Melon! Or A Day With Transient Global Amnesia

March 12, 2011 – 11:13 PM
Note: Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE)

Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE)For those of my friends or family who may have tried to, or contacted me via phone or FB and I did not call contact you back, I am so very sorry. I had an episode of “Transient Global Amnesia” yesterday 3/11. Really. This is no joke. I’m surprised I’m writing this so soon after. It’s now 7:16 PM Saturday 3/12.
By Mayo Clinic staff
Transient global amnesia is a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss that can’t be attributed to a more common neurological condition, such as epilepsy or stroke. During an episode of transient global amnesia, your recall of recent events simply vanishes, so you can’t remember where you are or how you got there. You may also draw a blank when asked to remember things that happened a day, a month or even a year ago. With transient global amnesia, you do remember who you are, and recognize the people you know well, but that doesn’t make your memory loss any less disturbing.
Fortunately, transient global amnesia is rare, seemingly harmless and unlikely to happen again. Episodes are usually short-lived, and afterward your memory is fine. Here’s a link for more info & symptoms.

Transient Global Amnesia (THIS IS NO JOKE) 02I am sitting at desk at home, feet up, with my furry little dose of Prozac, my orange boy cat Rocky, asleep on my legs. I’m surprised I’m aware enough to write this. I’m still in a “dream-like state”. It all still seems quite surreal. I lost memory of a good part of yesterday. Out of the blue. No warning.

Though there are several eMails, and cell phone call logs that prove I talked to people, wrote people, and conducted business up until around 3:00 PM(?), I barely remeber waking up Friday morning.

Luckily I had enough state of mind around 9:00 PM to call my (ex) partner Chris, not knowing where I was, (though I was home) and was generally in a case of panic and confusion. . He was 2 hours north in Bellingham. He conferenced called our friends Amy & our neighbor Harriet. Harriet called 911 & came over. From what I was told, I answered the door. But I’ don’t remember that. Even now. The Ambulance came & I was taken to the NW Hospital & Medical Center emergency room. (I’m guessing here …. it must have been around 10:00PM.)

I don’t remember being poked, prodded, CT Scanned, stuck with needles, etc, though everyone tells me I was wide awake. Asking the same questions over & over again. By the time I became “aware” that I WAS in a hospital, I still thought I was dreaming. Seated to my left were Amy, Harriet, and Chris.

Amy and Harriet both went home soon after my “reawakening”and Chris & I were there until 3:00 AM. On the way home, Chris stopped by our neighborhood 24 hour Safeway & bought some peanut butter and jelly, & bread. When we got home he fed me. None of us were sure if I had eaten all day. And one of the things I repeated frequently during my “twilight” hours was … “I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” I think I got to bed around 4:00 AM. Didn’t need no drugs to sleep … but the cats woke me up to feed them at 7:00 AM. I think I slept until 8-ish … and that was it for sleep today.

This morning around 9-ish the hospital called and wanted me back in for more tests and an MRI of my mellon, with & without contrast. Along with more blood tests. I kept yapping trying to piece back together the lost day(s). Because there were several days of memory that I “misplaced”. And I hit on the cute male nurse too, several times. I was punchy … what can I say. I never knew that 24 hours could be so long, or so strange.

I probably should have just written a blog post … but I wanted everyone to know I’m (sorta) okay. All the tests found NOTHING. No stroke, no blown blood vessels in said mellon … nothing. The only thing, was higher blood pressure. So, medication for that, and a follow up with my primary on Monday & a neurologist during the week.

Dats the fact(s) Jack! Or as close as I can come in my current foggy condition. For all those that will be concerned and want to call me, please don’t. I just need some space to “normalize”. And if you write it may be some time before I respond. I did want to get this up before I fell asleep tonight and update everyone on my condition & prognosis. Which … they tell me … is good. So all I can do is wait it out and heal and hope that tomorrow and the day after are better days.

Love … Joe

PS … Chris, Amy, Harriet, before I forget, thank you so much for being there for me. I love you all.

Brenda Siegelman: Thanks for letting us know. You were on my mind yesterday. Welcome back. Hope it never happens again.
March 12, 2011
Adam J. Spector: The pressure was there probably out of anxiety if nothing else. How are you doing now? Still in a fog? Could it be Prozac throwing you for a loop? I know my BP meds did me in after a while of just feeling fine. And no, don’t write if you don’t feel up to it. Rest.
March 13, 2011
Kristen Kieffer: Jesus, Joe, I’m so sorry. That sounds very scary. I’m glad you have such good friends so near. Love, hugs and best wishes. Thinking of you.
March 13, 2011
Christine Mathews: wow Joe, that’s scary. I am so glad you are ok
March 13, 2011
Dorothy Orant Morrison: I was wondering why you weren’t answering the phone or calling me back….I hope you’re ok….boy, you get the weirdest sh*t! I hope you didn’t forget how much I love you!!!
March 13, 2011
Geoff Hoover: Streno!
March 13, 2011
Alex Solla: You’ve got me worried Joe.
March 13, 2011
Mary Kelly: Wow, how frightening that must be! Please take care of yourself…
March 13, 2011
Joe Streno: It’s alive! : ) A day later, a dead man’s sleep of 11 hours, still a little fuzzy around the edges but better than yesterday. I need some breakfast. I’ll write more later.
March 13, 2011
Joe Streno: BTW …. duh … thanks all. : )
March 13, 2011
Bonnie Streno: glad you’re ok uncle joey! xo
March 13, 2011
Mysie Cairns: Holy crap! Hopefully that’s just a fluke event with no cause or repeats. Sounds a bit like when I was still under the effects of anesthesia after having my wisdom teeth out – apparently I repeated myself so often while being wheeled to the car, Eric and the nurse just stopped answering my questions.
March 13, 2011
Diane Streno Clark: Brain fart, over & done with! Love you so much!
March 13, 2011
Tracy Streno: Lots of love your way! Glad you’re “OK”! XOXOXOXOXO
March 13, 2011
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