The Red Book Diaries : The Preamble

  • Saturday / June 20, 2015

The Red Book Diaries : The Preamble

The Red Book Diaries — these posts will consist of excerpts of the raw transcribed diary pages I kept prior to, and during a month long trip I took with my friend Charlie Maraia back in 1982. We traveled to the UK and France. Sometimes these pages will be quite raw. Emotionally raw. Verbally raw. But accurate to what was going on and what I was feeling during those times. I may augment the text with photos, music, or other sundries to help illustrate what might have been going on at the time. There might even be “comments” after the fact for elucidation. Hell … sometimes I read these pages and think … what the hell was I talking about … or thinking!

You will even see mention of women I might or might not have been dating at the time. As history has proven—I’m stone cold gay! But back then I was still a “mixed up shook up boy”. If I only knew then, what I know now! Oh well. You have to live live live life!

So buckle up and hold on tight! This will be one hell of a ride!

The Red Book Diaries
June 10, 1982 : 9:50 PM

Here we go again. Another book, another look, at yet another chapter in this crazy mess I call my life.

“Everybody is working for the weekend vacation.” It is only a week—yes seven days away! Holy shit!! The pre-preparations have already started. Buying veggie-vites so I don’t die of vitamin depravation or some such other similar disease. Sorry no penicillin needed yet-that’s to come (no pun intended). And yes, if you haven’t noticed, a new book to masturbate in. Not one, not two, but three, yes count them, three new red books for the trip of all trips to—start—not end all trips.

Bought a new camera bag & it’s truly wonderful. I like it! I’m even getting used to the color. Bought two new flares to write with, one red, one blue— no bluer than I — and only when I need it. Otherwise it’s red!!!

Let’s listen to singles!

“Wipeout” by the Surfaris. Sounds like the Ramones when they were tots and didn’t even know chords yet. What???

“Love Is Like A Heatwave” … sounds so good!!

I met a woman—what a woman—Sandy! She’s sweet like honey from the bees. She’s fine! Want to make her …

Cande & Ellyn tried to hook me up with her. Glad they did. She’s 29, maybe less. I don’t really know. But it doesn’t matter. The little Georgian cutie has been living in Asbury Park for four months. She’s divorced, but who cares!

I just jot these notes ♬♬♬♬ for posterity, for the record, and speaking of records—got to change this one!

“Crimson & Clover” … fuck you Jett Grrrl, Jett Boy. This is the real thing—just like “the pause that refreshes”.

I really don’t know her, but I think I could love her. She’s so cute! God! I met her the weekend I got home from Long Island. The Clash attack on Asbury weekend. Things went well. Met all kinds of new people. Took many pictures of the Clash boys—minus Topper. The little junkie blew the gig!! He quit! Could have been the heroin bust in London. Well, what more can be said. It’s Topper’s turn to cry. Tory Crimes A.K.A. Terry Chimes took his place for the three day extravaganza. Charlie—a newcomer to the game—came with me the first night.

Charlie-LondonCharlie—for those of you who don’t know—is an Ace—not an Ass—an Ace! One hell of a nice guy. We’ve known each other since the beginning of those “Back To School Days”, but never really hung out with each other until recently. He’s okay in my book—and this is my book! I don’t care what Todd says.

[Fuck if I can remeber who Todd was!]

Well anyway … Charlie came to the first night and missed the second & best show. How sad! We did have a blast though. Had trouble getting in, but Kosmo came to the rescue—gave us tickets to get in. We blew off the opening band & went for a beer with Brenda—who we met at the door.

We all walked the boards and Charlie took pictures of “The Dejection Twins” on the beach.

Brenda And Joe Asbury Park

Setting The Record Straight: I have no known reason why I called, and kept calling Brenda and myself “The Dejection Twins”every time I saw that photo—we were far from dejected and pretty fucking happy to be seeing “the boys” playing their “Combat Rock” US tour opening shows! We were nothing short of ecstatic! I may have been trying to riff off the “Glimmer Twins” … but failed misrably! D’oh! So … WTF Joe!!?? Sorry Brenda!!!!!! Now we return you to your regularly scheduled program …[/su_photo_panel]


Fucking long! Isn’t it!

I’ve reached the end of my rope & my old new singles so it’s time to close.

Goodnight my love
Pleasant dreams tonight
Visions of London Calling … yet to come.

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