The Kids Are Alright

  • Sunday / April 19, 2009
The Kids Are Alright 1

The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are AlrightThe kids are alright. They just celebrated their 3rd birthday. Okay. Shoot me. It’s a fluff piece about our cats. No pun intended.

Now we can never be sure when exactly they were born, it’s just an approximation using higher math functions. Or just counting backwards. Though for some … that is is higher math … these days. But I digress. We got them when they were approximately six weeks old … give or take.

Rocky and Rose were rescued cats born in a manger barn somewhere in the farmlands of Washington state. Their Manx mother was a barn cat, but I guess her owner thought more than one was a crowd. Luckily they were rescued. We, or I should say Chris found them on

There is a long sad story that precedes the joyous event of finding Rock & Ro!! … you can find that in two older posts … “Goodnight Sweet Prince” and “Hello Rock & Ro!!“.

The first time we met those two little fuzz-balls they were named “Will & Grace” … that was way too gay … even for us. The woman rescuer had them held up in a small bathroom in her home. We went in and “Will” was up on the sink. When Chris came close to the sink he started climbing up the back of Chris’ shirt. “Honey … look. He’s a little rock climber.” Chris then looked at me and said … “Let’s call him Rocky.” And that’s how the Rock-star got his name.

Grace remained Grace for about another day. As I was looking at her, she was so small & gray … she reminded me of my paternal grandmother “Rose”. So Grace quickly became Rose.

Rocky and Rose bunked in our second bathroom for 2 weeks, before they were slowly introduced to their older sister Angel. The other reason we kept them cooped up for so long was … they were so tiny we didn’t want to lose them behind the refrigerator or some other odd place because their small bodies could fit. The slow introduction process was good for all the cats and humans too.

In the time they have been with us they have brought us much joy. I call them my “furry Prozac”. Manx cats are so affectionate and bond with their humans in a way that no other breed does. They just exude love and affection.

These cats live better than some humans I know. We take very good care of all our cats. Chris and I often jokingly say that these cats need to get a job to help support  the “urban lifestyle they have grown accustomed to”. To that end … I’ve created a online store at CafePress for Rock & Ro!! Wear. Go check it out. With a bit of work there will be more “product” coming. If you see any photos of the cats (below) that you want added to R&R Wear … leave a comment.

Here are photos I’ve been taking of the kids …

The Kids Are Alright
Rocky & Rose 6 Weeks To 8 MonthsRocky & Rose - Battle Cats
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