• Saturday / May 12, 2007


It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon here in Bridgehaven. Did I mention that most of the folks living here are senior citizens? That’s okay though. I’ve hit fifty. I’m slidin’ into senior citizen-dom myself. Crap! Did I just say that? Yeah .. it’s the truth. Hell …. my partner Chris was told he was ‘middle aged’ by one of his friends. Middle-aged at thirty-six? So I must be sliding into the home plate of cremation … or Cremora. Put that in your coffee!

Living Room In Our New CondoWas hangin’ over the balcony chattin’ up the downstairs neighbor & her daughter. They were working on getting the balcony all gussied up for the spring planting & summer fun. I wonder if these citizens are party animals. I guess only time will tell.

The cats were wanting to leap off the balcony and check out the action below. Let’s hope that’s not going to happen …. EVER!

Condo • Before
Bridgehaven 1Chris and I had been looking to buy a home for almost a year. Wouldn’t you know it, within a month of having our “numbers done” we found our new condo. I saw it online on Saturday. Viewed it on Sunday. Had it inspected on Monday. By Tuesday … we owned it! With the help of our realtor, Steve Wilke, our offer was accepted. We closed on March 15th 2007. Bridgehaven was the first condominium complex ever built in Seattle. Built in 1971 the building and its ground are so well kept, it’s amazing. Hey … we even have a pool & cabana. And we also have our own little creek running through the property. Pretty amazing! And it’s ours!



Condo • After
Bridgehaven 16After closing we were able to start prepping the condo to be inhabited. I started painting walls and getting utilities and new appliances delivered & set up. It seemed all so whirlwind … but it was happening! Yippee! The pictures you will see are after a few months of living here. The decoration and styling were done by Chris & me. It was so much fun to pull it all together, and so rewarding. Oh … and the cats love it too! Welcome to our new home.


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