Word Pressed

  • Friday / May 11, 2007
Word Pressed

Word Pressed

Okay. It has been a while. Well … actually it’s been over a year. So much has gone on. So much has improved. But where to start?

At he beginning Joe. At the beginning.

It seemed like only yesterday … oye … already with the cliches. Okay it seems like it was only, 668 days, no 95 weeks, no, 1 Year, 9 Months, and 30 Days since my last confession or blog entry … take your pick. Break out your abacus & double check my math. Can people still do math in this country … can we?

Word PressedSince those last entries a LOT of things have changed. First and foremost my health has gotten markedly better. My Sarcoidosis has been pushed to the back burner, there are very few, if any, signs that I ever had it. And believe me … I did & still do HAVE it. It’s like a bad toe fungus … you can make it subside, but it might come back. But I won’t linger on that thought.

Senior Pulmonologist a.k.a.Dr Raghu has told me my lung capacity is back to “normal for a man my age.” I didn’t know whether to kiss him (no tongue please) or smack him … “a man my age” … indeed! Then Again I just turned the big five oh!!! Yup fifty big ones. No big thing.

Bought a new car. Yup. Traded in the gas-aholic 4-Runner for a tea totaling Scion tC. Chris & I moved out of Eastlake and bought a condo in the Pinehurst neighborhood of Seattle.

Never thought I could own a “home of my own” but here I sit. Though for the first month I didn’t do much sitting. I painted walls, made art, removed a wet bar … and it was all fun. It now looks like our home. Pretty amazing stuff … heady … if you will. And yes I will! Yes we will!

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Joe Streno

Joe Streno

artist . musician . photographer . retired apple computer consultant . residing on planet earth with his two cats rudie, & rocco & living to tell tales about it

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