Victoria, BC – Let the Bargaining Begin

  • Tuesday / April 15, 2008
Victoria, BC - Let the Bargaining Begin

Victoria, BC – Let the Bargaining Begin

Victoria, BC - Let the Bargaining BeginIf this is Tuesday. This must be day two of our stay in Victoria, BC. And what a day it was! A day like no other. Full of adventure, compromise, and shopping! Woo hoo! :)

As the day began, Kevin had his heart set on hiking. Being the rugged outdoorsman he is, and his backpack loaded with beef jerky, he was more than ready! But Tina had other ideas. She had grandiose visions of shopping every store in Victoria. There was a great plot hatched with her brother Chris. There would be great shopping carnage and much bounty to be had. But how exactly could she achieve this great feat? Sadly she had bargained herself into going hiking with Kevin to see the great Niagara Falls. No! Not THOSE Niagara falls but the ones in Goldstream Provincial Park right outside of Victoria. Tina said … “Oh kind sir. For a little shopping today, I’ll gladly repay you with hiking tomorrow.” And that was her fate. Hiking. But enter kind and resourceful brother Chris to her rescue.

After much negotiating with Kevin, a compromise was reached. I would drive us all to the point on the map that showed a parking lot nearby the falls. We would all “hike in” and see the falls. Then we would head back to the hotel where Kevin would rest and Tina, Chris and I would go shopping! And thus another bargain was struck. The last part of the bargain was if the weather were good Chris would take Kevin and Tina to Mt Rainier on Thursday to do more hiking.

So off we went. The hike in was treacherous indeed! All 300 feet of it. Yeah. It was more a walk in the park than a hike. But it was cool. Had there been more water flowing in the creek, the falls would have been more impressive too. Though the hike was short and the falls cool, but anticlimactic, Kevin and Tina decided to hike up to the tressel above the falls. And off they went.

Chris and I stayed around the falls and I took pictures. As we walked back to the car Chris decided to walk up the trail to meet Kevin and Tina. I went back to the car to wait for them all … and listen to some tunes.

When all returned to the designated coordinates (read the parking lot) we headed back to the QV. Upon arrival Kevin went a nappin’ and we went a shoppin’.

I won’t regale you with all the shopping details. But when it was done, all be told, there wasn’t that much booty. Once back at the hotel Kevin, Tina and Chris went to the Imax Theater to see a movie. I stayed at the QV and rested. I also searched for dinner ideas. After the movie we all went to a restaurant called Ferris’ Oyster Bar and Grill. The food was out of this world! And it was inexpensive.

With dinner done … we all went back to the hotel. Good night nurse! :)

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