COVID Vaccine: A Double Dose Will Do Ya

  • Thursday / March 25, 2021
COVID Vaccine: A Double Dose Will Do Ya 1

COVID Vaccine: A Double Dose Will Do Ya

Oh happy day!

Oh happy day! Oh Happy day! I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life. Okay, Phil, not ALL my life. Maybe more this past year? It HAS been a year! You know, a year under tRump’s rule seemed like an eternity. Thank the COVID godz and the voters that motherfucker is G. O. N. E! And now we have a real Commander In Chief who understands the human condition, believes in science, and knows how to take appropriate, and immediate action!

To that end—guess my mom and I are part of that (newly updated) 200 million COVID Vaccine doses in the first 100 days in office. Awesome sauce!

Plus One

My niece Danielle texted me last night to tell me she was trying to get an appointment through the hospital she works for as an RN. They offered their staff a “plus one”, if you will. So she opted to sign up my mother for her first dose of the COVID Vaccine. Danielle tried to get me squeezed in—to no avail. So I must say I was a bit dejected and forlorned.

Then this morning (3/25) I got a text from the state who were now offering my mom an appointment through the state run vaccination list. I kindly declined. Though my sister-in-law told me later in the afternoon that I should have accepted the appointment, then inserted myself to get it. But the honorable (and or stupid) guy that I am—declined it. Let’s move on.

Tearin’ It Up

COVID Vaccine: A Double Dose Will Do Ya 01COVID Vaccine: A Double Dose Will Do Ya 02My day continues: I tore apart the 80s inspired gold sliding shower doors in my mom’s bathroom to make ready for her TubCut event on Monday (3/29). The idea that she will now be able to actually take a sit down shower again under own power has her as giddy as a 93 year old school girl. At least she will no longer have to suffer the indignity of having a stranger sponge bathing her every night before bedtime. Win win all around!

Once the doors were off and carted to the trash, the scraping and cleaning began in earnest. I don’t think that bathtub has been that clean or that bare in decades! But this is a good thing. Part of the prep for the TubCut dudes to work their magic. The fact that they can cut an eighteen inch swath out of a cast iron and enameled bathtub, then refinish it to look like new, must be some tremendous dark magic! Guess we’ll see if they can match the baby-shit brown bathtub’s color exactly. Kids … don’t try this at home. These are trained professionals!

All that’s left now is for my brother and I to put up 3 new stainless assist rails on the wall leading into & walls in the shower on Saturday. And then wait for the TubCut mayhem to commence 9:00 AM Monday morning. I REALLY want to see this! Video may follow. But don’t count on it. I DO have a life. lol

A Double Dose Will Do Ya

With all that out of the way; or as my grandmother would always say at the end of an arduous task: “Another job well done by the Treasury Men in action.” I then made mom & myself lunch & retreated to my upstairs lair. Somewhere around 2:00 PM I got a text from the “Mega Site” in Edison asking me to make an appointment to get my first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. I was pumped! I bolted to my computer and started the process. I did not want to lose the opportunity to finally start a double dose!

It very much paid off signing up to a number of mega sites (Edison, Atlantic City), hospitals, and also the sate list, while also checking every day to check the likes of CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, et. al. Also being in the 18 or older with special medical needs category: sixty-four & and Sarcoid, moved me up the list. Glad to see an illness such as Sarcoid has some up side—I think. But no matter! My first dose is scheduled & my mind can rest a little easier knowing that I’ll be that much safer.

Sexual Healing

On the even brighter side … I can finally meet up with people face to face—especially other vaccinated, post locked down gay men also in need of some sexual healing. Oh wait. Did I just say that out loud? Life has been pretty lonley living with my 93 year old mom under a year long self-imposed exile, to keep us both safe and healthy. But yeah I’m still alive and kicking’ and in dire need of some of that human touch, and companionship. I might be 64—but I ain’t dead yet! Just one of the many benefits of being vaccinate: dates, and random acts of sex—once again! Woo hoo!

Blinded By Science

So now we wait. We both get our first shots within a day of each other. Then we wait the appropraite amount of time to get the second shot. And we wait again to build up the all those groovy antibodies. Now reality tells me that I still need to practice social distancing, were a mask, etc etc etc. There still are a lot of antivaxxer (Science? What science?) crazy ass people out there. Which in turn may create new strains of the virus, meaning booster shots will be needed to cover the variants and boost the base immunity down the road. But science tells me that’s the way it works!

But I do have hope. Hope that we will start seeing light at the end of the tunnel and knowing it’s not an oncoming train. So gimme gimme a double dose of that COVID vaccine, and let get back to living!

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