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Hello Rock & Ro!!

Instagram: Rock & Ro!!

Now that my beautiful big orange Manx boy-cat Rocky has moved on to a pain free place, I thought it time to take down the Rock...
Charlie Warhol

Charlie Warhol … ButisitArt!?!

Charlie Warhol … ButisitArt!?! Charlie Warhol: Was looking for something in Lightroom & found these Warhol-esque posterizations I did in Photoshop of photos my friend Charlie...
Rock Star

Equal Time For A Rock Star!

Equal Time For A Rock Star! Rocky! The boy. The man. The Rock Star! Yeah … had to do an equal time post for him too....
Orange you glad I’m around?

Orange you glad I’m around?

Orange you glad I’m around? It was National Pet Day the other day & I took this photo of Rose, A.K.A. “The Bear”. At times she...
Happy 13th Birthday Rose

Happy 13th Birthday Rose!

Happy 13th Birthday Rose!  
Vegan In Training 5

Vegan In Training

Vegan In Training Vegan in training. Yup that’s what I am—on a few levels. I became a total vegan just a few months ago. From that...