For The People. By The People. A Clash Photo Book By Joe Streno

  • Thursday / December 15, 2011
For The People By The People

For The People. By The People.
A Clash Photo Book By Joe Streno


For The People. By The People. A Clash Photo Book By Joe Streno “For The People. By The People.”

I came to the Clash as a fan. I heard the British import of their first self titled album when it first came out … and I was hooked! When I went to the Palladium to see them for the first time in 1980, I went as a fan, who happened to bring his camera. And even as I gained access to get back stage at Bonds (thanks Brenda!) or got guest listed to the three Asbury Park shows in 1982 (thanks Kosmo!) I was still going as a fan … really. A very FORTUNATE fan.

It’s been over thirty years since I took my first live and street photos of The Clash at the Palladium in New York City. And in the following two years I’d have more chances to photograph them live and backstage. Since first publishing my photos on my blog, I have had many people ask me … ‘so Joe … when will you make a book of your photos?’ It’s taken me a while to get here. But here I am. I’m in the process of working on said book.

Here’s the twist. So many of the books out there have focused on the band. I’d like this one to focus on the fans. Both old and new. In posting to, and reading some of the Clash fan sites, I’m always amazed to read stories of how people came to the Clash. “My folks listened to the Clash when I was a kid … and I love them still!” … ‘I never got to see them. I wasn’t even born yet. But the music & the politics made me a fan’…

So here’s what I propose. I want YOU THE FANS, from AROUND THE WORLD, to write small essays. One to four paragraphs (no more … unless I ask directly) and tell me a story about your experience maybe meeting a band member. Maybe how you came to be a fan. Your favorite song and how a lyric influenced you. Who’s your fave and why. Did you meet one of the Clash? Where! When! Did you go to one of the shows I photographed? Did you go to any shows and what was your experience? It’s up to you what to write.

I will ask you to post your essay here in the comments. You must include your eMail address so I can contact you if need be. I’d suggest writing your essay in a word processor, and then coming back here and creating a new comment & pasting the text. It’s an idea. Do it however you want.

The name of the book is not written in stone. Nor is the cover art above. But I do like both so far. I will be trying to self publish the book, and promote it. So as it gets closer to the finish line … I will need your help promoting it. Word of mouth is always the best. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Post to Facebook about it.

Here are the links to my Clash posts and photos. Maybe an image will inspire you. If it does … let me know that too.

The Clash @ The Palladium NYC 1980

The Clash @ Bonds NYC 1981

The Clash @ Asbury Park Convention Hall 1982

As far as compensation, I can’t afford to pay you. I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to send a free book to everyone who ends up being chosen and published. Though I may be able to print the page and photo your story was included on and send that to you to frame. We’ll see.

A little disclaimer here … I am not responsible for what others write. Please do not be unkind to a writer. I will moderate the comments & delete anything inappropriate.

If your story is accepted, I will contact you directly. That’s why it’s important to include your eMail address when first clicking on the comment button.

Other than that … have fun! I can’t wait to hear your stories! And thanks for participating!

Joe Streno

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