Hoover Hootenanny II : Hooverpalooza

  • Friday / July 6, 2012

Hoover Hootenanny II : Hooverpalooza

Hoover Hootenanny II : Hooverpalooza

And so another year has come and gone. Okay. Not talking calendar year here. A Hoover Hootenanny / Hooverpalooza year. Seems like only a few months ago I posted about the original Hoover Hootenanny, though the blessed event occurred nearly a year ago in August of 2010. Dave Jason, a communications professor at CW Post (back in 1978) would always tell his students, “better never than late”. Sorry Dave! I couldn’t go to another Hoover Hootenanny / Hooverpalooza and not post about the previous one. This time I’m going to be ahead of the curve & post about Hooverpalooza in record time. NOT!

Let me say up front a heartfelt thank you to Geoff & Tatiana Hoover for getting me to the Hooverpalooza on time! I couldn’t have done it without their generous gift of airfare. It had been a rather bleak year and that gesture helped carry me through the remainder. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They also went above and beyond in hosting (and financing) this tremendous extravaganza along with Marian Porges. They did such a tremendous job pulling it all together.

I must also thank Indiana Hoover, Duke Hoover, Texas Hoover, Angela, and her two grandchildren Sebastian, and Jameson (AKA Jameo) for making my stay … and the party a tremendously joyous occasion.

Another shout out to Geoff Hoover for designing the new Hooverpalooza banner, t-shirts, and the posters for each individual performer. Though kudos also go out to Texas & Indy for their poster designs too …. Jeffrey Mutherfcking Jackson Mutherfcker … et. al.

Though there was no hired hand for shooting video, Tatiana Hoover, Marian Porges, Ina Pira, and other assorted cameras, and phone cameras recorded the event via video and stills. I will try to post as much as I can here. For those left out … sorry!

This has been siting waiting to be posted for almost a year. But I wanted to put it up before starting my Hoovstock post for this years party. Maybe if I post this now I’ll fill in some of the blanks … and then again … maybe not. We’ll see.

Photos: Hoover Hootenanny 2 : Hooverpalooza
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