The Land of No

  • Saturday / June 25, 2005
The Land of No

The Land of No

It’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. No doctors. No tests. No poking. No prodding. No nothin’. I’m just waking up, and I’m not feeling too great. My lungs feel tight this morning. I’m having a bit of trouble breathing. Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the emergency room, but I said “no.” Wouldn’t Nancy Reagan be proud of me! I figured that this is the way my lungs felt yesterday, and this is the way they feel today. I only have to get to Monday & talk to Dr Mike & get his input.

In the meantime I have to deal with the uncertainty & fear that’s going through my head. It’s a hellish place to be. This land of no. No ideas. No clue. No diagnosis. No relief. Where I really want to be is the land of know. That’s the place I’ll be on Monday … with any luck & and an insightful doctor. At least I’ll have answers & I can move forward … where ever that is.

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Joe Streno

Joe Streno

artist . musician . photographer . retired apple computer consultant . residing on planet earth with his two cats rudie, & rocco & living to tell tales about it

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