Never thought I’d …

  • Wednesday / June 22, 2005
Never Thought I'd

Never thought I’d …

Never thought I’d see the day I started blogging. Do I have a concept? No. Not yet anyway. But here it is the first entry, ground zero, all busted cherries & the like. What will it be? Don’t know yet … Maybe I’ll document my trials & tribulations with my latest physical malady!

I’m off for a chest x-ray. I’m on the hunt. I’m trying to find out if I have a cute little number called Sarcoidosis. Or not. A couple of wonderful lumps just magically appeared on my forehead. Went to bed one night … no problems. Woke up the next morning … two lumps the size of peas. They were hard … and sometimes they hurt.

After playing stump the doctor with my primary (un)care(ing) physician (PCP) & a dermatologist that just shrugged & said … “no clue” … I had a plastic surgeon remove them. His best line was, (in the middle of surgery) ” Wow … I’ve never seen anything like this before.” That’s always something you want to hear when a 70 year old man is scraping at your head with a sharp scalpel. The other is “oops … that looks like a nerve … maybe I shouldn’t go near that.”

Testing … testing … is this thing on? Got back the pathology reports a week later. A WEEK LATER! The doctor is telling me … the lumps contained “non-caseating granulomas.” Now that’s a mouthful. That’s an earful. Hmmm … what does it mean? An infection? An “invading foreign body”? Funny I don’t remember being invaded by a foreigner … but none the less that’s two of the purported diagnoses. Oh yeah … then there was the one that EVERYONE wants to hear. I could have an incurable little number called Sarcoidosis.

Yippee Skippy! Happy Happy Joy Joy! An incurable disease I can call my very own. So the journey begins.

I dumped my PCP because he didn’t have a clue .. and I found a new one that does. And who might actually give a damn about the emotional part I’m going through. Dr Mike is going to be my best bud on this adventure. We’re now blood brothers, though he only took mine. I didn’t get any of his. And he wants photos too … well … of my chest. Maybe by Monday … I’ll have more info. For now I wait. And wait. And wait.

I’m getting good at this waiting thing. NOT! I’m also getting educated about a disease I had no clue about. But now I do. Maybe I can call it my own … and with any luck … maybe I won’t. If not … where did those crusty little granulomas come from …. another mystery for the ages. But I like solving mysteries. Maybe I missed my calling. Anywho … it’s off to get my x-ray.

Stay tuned boiz and grrrrrls.

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