My first day without …

  • Saturday / June 30, 2007
My first day without ... 1

No … I didn’t stand on line. No … I didn’t brave the crowds. No … I didn’t have the money. No I didn’t have ‘room’ on any of my credit cards … they’re ALL maxed out. (But that’s another story for another day.) Does that make me less a man? Less a consumer? Less an American? Less an Apple evangelist? Less a Macintosh consultant? These are the tough questions I will be asking myself over the next few days … months …. years?

No-iPhone-PostThis is the first day of the rest of my life without an iPhone. There. I said it. Out of the mouth of babes (or at least this 50 year old man) and into the ears of an atheist god & for all that “feel me” (cough cough) on this one.

I don’t think my Steve Jobs ‘anti-reality-distortion field’ was up any higher than normal. Though over the past several months it has been put to the test. It’s soooooo hard to resist. But resist I must. I don ‘t think I’m in denial. Of course … I WANT ONE. Hmmm …. sounds like a new topic of discussion with my current therapist. But there are so many reasons … NOT TO.

Reasons Not To:

  1. It costs way too much money!
  2. Using AT&T … costs too much money.
  3. It’s just a phone … not the second coming of (insert your god here.)
  4. Did I mention my partner works for T-Mobile?

Okay. I don’t have that much expendable income. So YES money is an issue. To put out $600.00 for a phone, come iPod, come ‘Internet Navigator” … it’s just too much. It would be one thing if the network were as fast as WiFi … all the time. Or coverage was a no-brainer. But it’s not. So it’s not the ‘ideal’ way to surf. In a pinch (no pun intended) … maybe. But not for the money AT&T is charging for its iPhone plans. To get what I’m getting from T-mobile (via my employee account) I’d have to spend OVER $200.00 a month just for the same block of 2000 minutes.

I get that we as Americans are spoiled by cheap (or free) dumbed down phones that work with what’s out there. So yes … I AM spoiled. But I am also admittedly a cell phone & or technology junkie. Yup I spend too much money on my Moto Product Red SLVR. You can’t get them in the states. Plus if I did … it would be dumbed down by the carrier. “Don’t give the consumer too much .. they might blow themselves up!”

I digress.

So here I am on my first day without an iPhone. Wanting one.

Reasons to go (further) into debt to own an iPhone:

  1. Bragging rights to say … “I’m on the bleeding edge. Ouch!”
  2. The look people would give me when I whip it out to use.
  3. It is sexy! (How can that be. It’s just an object!)
  4. Being a Macintosh consultant … I need one!
  5. I want one!

As a sentient human being … just trying to be … I’m not doing so well. For the past few months everything has been about this object. Radio. TV. Magazine. The web. It’s all been abuzz. I’m struggling. Must … have … iPhone.

Maybe I should think of Nancy Reagan … and just say no! Ewwww …. what a horrible thought. On so many levels! Yuck! I’ll just use my powers of reason. I still have willpower. BUT IT’S FADING FAST! . How can I fall for ‘techno lust’ once again? Will I make it another day without an iPhone?

Tune in next week for another episode of … “My So-Called Life Without iPhone”

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